Is there a special way to pray?

Is there a special way to pray? When we look at the prophets, Elijah, Moses, David and others we see that prayer was…

Is heaven real?

Is heaven real? If it is real, who will enter heaven after they die? These questions worry many people.

How can I experience peace in my life?

We have so many anxieties. We carry so many burdens. We are concerned about many problems in our lives and in our…

What will happen after we die?

Should we be afraid of death? What will happen after we die? Can we die knowing that we will go to be with God? Jesus’…

Is there an answer to my depression?

In our lives we experience many sad events and things that can cause us to suffer from depression. The hurts of the…

How can I be lifted out of dark times?

We often go through hard times in our lives. Can I experience God in these dark times?

Can I forgive those who have hurt me?

Can I forgive those who have hurt me or wronged me? This is a big question and a big challenge to us, because we have…

Does God heal people today?

Many of us have serious illnesses or we know other people who do? Can God heal us?

Is God there in my problems and struggles?

One time Jesus disciples were facing a very real and big problem. They were in a boat crossing a lake when a large…

Can I be healed from the pain of rejection?

Have I been hurt by others or even rejected earlier in my life ? Can I know freedom from that pain?

Why is Jesus called the lamb of God?

In many religions sacrifices are common practices. The prophet Moses was told by God that animals needed to be…

Can my good deeds cancel out my bad deeds?

In some ways it seems fair for our good and our bad deeds to be recorded and put in  weighing scales.

Will God answer my prayers?

Many of us carry burdens in life. Sometimes we tell God about them. We wonder, will God  answer our prayers.

Is it possible to live in good relationships with everyone?

We all like to help people who will help us and to be friends with those who will offer us friendships.

How can I be free from evil spirits?

Sometimes we can encounter an evil presence in a place, in dreams or in our lives.